Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jessica Pea, like the vegetable!

Have you ever felt so blessed to know somebody, and think that your life is such a better place because of them? Well I have. Actually, it isn't a "somebody", it's an entire family. The Asinger family.

I grew up on Wright Ave. Down and across the street by about 5 houses, lived the Asinger family. Theresa was the youngest of all the kids. There is Mary, Margi, Kathi, Tim, Tom, Joe, John, Chris and Theresa. That is not in complete order, but Chris was my age, and Theresa was a year younger than I. I can't remember the specific year Theresa and I became friends, but I do remember she was still in a crib. :)

When I think about my childhood, my teenage years, my twenties, and up until this very day, there aren't many memories that don't include Theresa and her family. I remember the good times like when Theresa spent the night once, and we used all our Barbies and make up and made up wonderful, hilarious plays, which involved the infamous "Apricot Facial Scrub Domestic Violence" barbie. Good times good times. I remember the always feeling like a part of the family. An unofficial Asinger, if you will. They were all always so accepting of me. I remember going to family reunions, parties at "Aunt Mary's in the country", and late night Tripoli games at the Asinger dining room table. Some random memories also include walking through JC Penny watching Kathi bust a move to an erythmics song, on the eve of her hysterectomy, walking to National Grocery Store late at night to visit Theresa the salad bar queen, rock a bowl's, skating in the tennis courts and so many, many more.

I was honored to be the only other person in the delivery room for both of Theresa's children, one of which is my fabulous Godson, Joesph. There were more Asinger's in my wedding than Walewski's I think, lol....Theresa, Jessica and Joey. Theresa is Allison's Godmother. We are family, regardless of the blood relation.

In the process of knowing the Asinger kids and Mom and Dad Asinger, I of course was there for the cousins...mainly Jennifer, Jessica and Adrienne. They were also like my sweet cousins, or little sisters. I loved, and still love those girls.

And one of those sweet girls got married last night. Jessica.

Jessica is and always has been an amazing person. As a child, she was a strawberry shortcake look alike, and as funny, smart and cute as could be. Jessica's childhood was less than ideal, in many regards, but she was always the shining light of the darkness. She was always the girl everyone knew would be OK. She had a way about her that was determined and talented and loving and sweet....and every other positive thing you could come up with. And the girl could dance.

I remember when she went off to college. Going to college isn't something my own family is too familiar with, and she was the first to go to college in her immediate family as well. I remember being so proud and happy for her. Then when she moved to Arizona, I remember thinking how awesome she is, and how proud I was that she was brave enough to go and start a new life, far from those who loved her.

Fast forward to last night. If you knew Jessica, and you knew what she has been through, and the what she has fought and survived, you too would feel the love in your pit of your stomach like I did last night. When I saw her walk though the door with Alex last night, it took my breath away. She was absolutely beautiful.

Jessica was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

Part of her beauty comes from her smashing good looks, but the other half is her fantastic heart, and love of others. She is just beauty inside and out.

I was so moved with her beauty, and knowing some of her journey to get to where she is.

So back to how I started this story...The Asinger family was at the wedding last night, of course, and it was just a beautiful thing. My life has been made better by knowing all these people.

I love them.

I love you Jessica! Have happiness till the end of time sweetheart!!!