Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday was a fun day. I worked in the morning, as did Jeff, but we were both off in the evening. Jeff is never off on Saturday nights, so this was a treat. We ended up taking all the kids to a local park. They had a freaking blast there...and it was great to be able to see them using up some energy. The park was also having a "night at the movies"....but we weren't prepared to stay for blanket, no bug spray, no snacks. So we promised we would do it next time. In my own mind I was thinking....yeah, daddy will bring you big girls next time...while I stay home in my nice cool house in the quiet after I put the little ones to bed. lol.

My poor kids. If you didn't know me, or know how my kids are, you would think they were being physically abused. Last week Audrey ran face first into the TV stand, causing her to have a goose egg sized knot...which is now green and brown in color.


She also has mosquito bites which she picks and they bleed...all over her legs and arms. Mason has taken more than his fair share of tumbles in the past week. He has fallen off his tricycle down a few steps. He was hit in the head with a flying cell phone (thanks to Audrey), and he is just a bruised, scraped up little fellow. Julianne has scraped up knees too. Good thing I can bring home pretty bandaids from work every day. :I) Oh....and last night, Audrey poked herself in the eye with a rosebush thorn. It looks OK right now...but I am a little concerned about that one.

So, our car situation is possibly better. It seems as if we were finally approved for a loan.....but our lease was up two days ago, and no paperwork has been initiated I keep thinking a tow truck is pulling up outside to take our van away. Ugh. We shall see.

We had a good summer week this past week. It is my goal to do things with the kids when I'm off. So last week on Saturday we all went to a picnic for the Walker Scottish Rite Center, where Julianne gets speech therapy. We were trapped by a sudden thunderstorm...and it was rather scary, but made a good thing for the kids to write about in their journals. On Wednesday, Jeff took all the kids, plus one friend, to the science center. The kids had fun, but Allison said "dad made us go so fast that I couldn't read anything!". On Thursday we went to my dads retirement party at his work. It was nice. On Friday I took all the kids swimming at the city pool where my parents live. My mom went with us, as did my aunt Mary, my cousin Sarah and her two kids, River and Hunter. Allison has really turned into my little fish. She is swimming like crazy. And to my utter surprise, she got brave!!! She went down the water slide!! This was a very big moment. I am so proud of how brave she is getting lately. Facing her fears. I should learn from her.

So, tomorrow starts a new work week. My schedule has changed some, and I am now off on Thursday's and Friday's. Two days in a row! I really like that. Also, for the summer, I am off on Sundays too. Awesome!!

And I almost forgot whey I titled this post RUMMY! Yesterday, I taught my oldest daughter, Allison...who is to play rummy! I have always LOVED playing rummy, and spent most of my teenage and twentysomething years, playing rummy. She learned very quickly, and I am soooooooo excited to have a rummy partner I can play with at anytime. It also helps her with math and brain skills. :)

Ta Ta for now my dear friends.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a picture...

Summer is under way. Just wanted to post a picture of all the kids, late one night, after a long, hot day of play.

I love these little people!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Recent favorite things...

I thought I would jot down some of the kids most recent favorite things.

Julianne's new thing is playing on the computer. Specifically, she likes to play on This is all very new to her, and we are all pleased as punch that she can manipulate the mouse, and do so well!!


Mason currently love his sisters "go go boots". He absolutely loves pretending that he is Hannah Montana. We let him...and just love how much he makes us laugh.


Alena received some new sandals in the mail from a great friend of mine....Sharon. She loves loves loves these things.....:)


Wow...those pics are big.....So sorry.

Father's Day....

Today is Sunday. Fathers Day. Or is it Father's Day?? I am not good at that spelling stuff, and if my friend Heather is reading this....she is cringing as she reads.

I am so grateful for so many fathers today. First, I'm grateful for our Father in Heaven....through which all things are possible. I am so honored to be one who believes and knows him. Without him in my life and heart, this world would be like hell. I am so grateful for my own father, who has always made me feel like the most special person in this whole world. He is one of the best people on this earth, and I am so glad I was taught how to be, by him.

And my husband. I am ever so grateful for him. He is a great and loving father to my children. Without his part in the deal, I wouldn't be a mother. He is a hard working, family loving dad. He has great intentions, and grandiose plans for all our children.

Thanks....all you dads.

Love! Peace! Doughnuts!!

Addendum: I honestly think the spelling people of the world mispelled the word grateful. ??? I really think it should be greatful. That's all. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Angry Day....

I'm angry today. Not feeling so good. My kids have already told me today that they want a new mom. My son told me that he hopes I like him again soon. (great....he's only 3....look what I've done to him......)

A good friend of mine has given me a gift today. A gift of words. Words I listened to....and my heart heard, and I wept. I am so greatful for having people in my life who care enough about me to make sure I hear what I can't make sure I stop and make sure I am still listening. I've never met this friend in real life.... She is a "computer" friend. But I am so lucky to have such a great friend. Thank you my Pink friend.

This is enough for now. I'm still angry...and need to focus on my children.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another day.....

Here it is. Another day. Just like the rest of them. It's 5:45 am. Kids are asleep. I need to get dressed for work. Jeff will have to get up and get all the kids dressed and out the door in time for Julianne to make it to her camp at 8:30am. I have doubts that he will accomplish that.

I am still very, very upset with myself. If I lose my van, which it looks like I will....I honestly have no idea how things will work. Stupid me.

Another day. Just like the rest of them.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's me....

I've been realizing day by is ME that I don't like, not the entire world. It's me. I don't like me. I don't like what I have become. I don't like how I handle things. I don't like how I have no organization. I don't like how I avoid everything. I don't like feeling guilty. I don't like having my laundry all piled up. I don't like having all my piles of crap mail (ie, bills and other stuff I am avoiding) all over the place. I don't like not knowing where anything is. I don't like how all I ever do on my bullitan boards is whine and cry about how terrible my stupid life is. I don't like that my husband and I don't have a relationship anymore. I don't like how fat I am. I don't like anything. about me.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today is Saturday....

Today is Saturday. This is the first Satuday I have had off in SO long! Fortunately Kelly at work was nice enough to switch with me so I could be off today. Today was the school parade and picnic! We were up early....and we've had a long, hard day of playing and fun in the sun. It was SO hot out today....and unfortunately, I wasn't diligent enough with the sunscreen and we have some red cheeks and shoulders. Ugh. I'm sorry kids....I'll do better as we get into the depth of this season of hotness.

Well, on Thursday, Julianne had her 5 year visit and get ready for Kindergarten doctor visit. It was what I would call...depressing. Her doctor was shocked at how developmentally behind she was. This is not news, and I am still mad that she, the doctor, has missed this on Julianne since forever.... She wants her to have another neurologist examine her. She is worried that she will not be able to attend regular Kindergarten. It was bad all around.....and now I'm even more worried than I was before. Julianne is getting OT for her Sensory Processing Disorder issues, I've been doing some reading up on this. This week she has been a sensory nightmare....just sensory seeking all over the place, and out of control with her picking... She has twice now picked her bleeding scabbed up knees and feet (from a fall the other day) until they are dripping with blood. It's freaking scaring the hell out of me at this point.

If anybody is interested on SPD, here is a great website I found:


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You're so vain....

Lately, I have been feeling very defensive....and maybe even angry. I feel like people that used to be my friends, have moved on. I feel that people who used to be my "peers", have moved up. I feel that people who used to love me, have just moved away. I have hope that this is mostly due to my crazy brain and the way I often make things seem worse than they really are. I wonder why I feel this way, however.... I find myself getting angry at what people are saying, as if they are directing their comments towards me and my life. Seriously, how vain is that???? Even though the title of this blog is "It's all about me", the truth really isn't all about me. And I think I often think everything is. I guess that makes me a selfish who thinks everything is about herself. I wish that I wasn't jealous also. I am jealous that people that used to talk to me longer do. I am jealous that they seemingly moved on to different, more exciting, more fun people. I hate that I get angry at that. Why...why do I let myself care about such stupid stuff? I mean, if I really wanted to talk to these people, I'd initiate the conversation. Instead, I internalize that they must think I am a big joke now, and I'm just sure they sit around and talk about how stupid I am, and I am sure they are just trying to make me feel incredibly left out.

See......I seem to think it is all about me.

Laughing at myself in a sick sick manner.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer has arrived!

Summer has arrived! ALL of the children are now out of school, and the heat is upon us. I finally broke down tonight and turned on the AC. I cringed when I pushed the button on the thermostat to the "cool" position. They just said that our electric bill will be increased by 15% this summer...due to supply and demand. That pretty much makes everything on earth up by at least 15%. Yet salaries stay the same. Funny...not.

Julianne's last day at school was today. It is rather bittersweet for me. I mean, I have some big issues with the district and the school, and the bus company.... but her teachers were wonderful, and EVERYBODY in that school knew her by name, and she knew nobody who didn't adore her. Just last week, when I had to pick her up early to take her to OT, we spent a good 5 minutes waiting while everybody on the playground hugged her goodbye. Her speech therapist loved her...and emailed me how she thought Julianne had a "magical quality" about her.

So, tomorrow....I'll be working again, and Jeff will take all the kids, plus Allison's BFF, Sarah, to the Fountain at Tower Grove park. The plan is for them to have a picnic there and frollic in the fountain. I hope Jeff is able to handle all those kids, lol!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's All About Me!

Here it is. Another attempt to actually do a blog. I don't know why I bother really....because I can never keep up with anything. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. And besides, I'm not really sure I want anybody reading what I type anyway. It is all about me, after all. I'm not interesting, I don't think. Rather boring, uneducated, not well spoken, and possibly too opinionated without words.

At any rate. I will attempt to do this, one more time. It is the beginning of summer...and the kids are now out of school. Well, Julianne's school goes until Tuesday, but seeing as she puked twice today, I am not sure she will be going back to finish up her last day and a half.

Today was Sunday....June 1st. Today was our beloved school principals last day and a mass was said for her in her honor. She was the principal for TEN years at Immaculate Heart of Mary school. That is a long time that flew by like in seconds. She will be sorely missed.

However, as what seems like "usual"...I missed most of the mass because I had all the kids with me, and Julianne was sick. So, we spent the mass time outside waiting for it to be over.

Alena lost her second tooth today!! She also went to her Girl Scout swim party at the YMCA today. She had a really good time, and brought home extra pizza with her....which was a great dinner I didn't have to make. :+)

We also went to meet with the Camp Happy Day founder, who finished up our paperwork for Julianne to be able to attend summer camp....Right as we entered her office, Julianne threw up everywhere. Nice way to meet somebody, eh.

Well, as I type this, Julianne is sitting her after skinning her knee....screaming "Make it stop!!!" so....I must run, and "make it stop".