Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer has arrived!

Summer has arrived! ALL of the children are now out of school, and the heat is upon us. I finally broke down tonight and turned on the AC. I cringed when I pushed the button on the thermostat to the "cool" position. They just said that our electric bill will be increased by 15% this summer...due to supply and demand. That pretty much makes everything on earth up by at least 15%. Yet salaries stay the same. Funny...not.

Julianne's last day at school was today. It is rather bittersweet for me. I mean, I have some big issues with the district and the school, and the bus company.... but her teachers were wonderful, and EVERYBODY in that school knew her by name, and she knew nobody who didn't adore her. Just last week, when I had to pick her up early to take her to OT, we spent a good 5 minutes waiting while everybody on the playground hugged her goodbye. Her speech therapist loved her...and emailed me how she thought Julianne had a "magical quality" about her.

So, tomorrow....I'll be working again, and Jeff will take all the kids, plus Allison's BFF, Sarah, to the Fountain at Tower Grove park. The plan is for them to have a picnic there and frollic in the fountain. I hope Jeff is able to handle all those kids, lol!!!!


Michelle said...

welcome Peppi to the blogosphere..good job on the music..;-)

Melanie said...

good luck, mr. jeff!!