Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another day.....

Here it is. Another day. Just like the rest of them. It's 5:45 am. Kids are asleep. I need to get dressed for work. Jeff will have to get up and get all the kids dressed and out the door in time for Julianne to make it to her camp at 8:30am. I have doubts that he will accomplish that.

I am still very, very upset with myself. If I lose my van, which it looks like I will....I honestly have no idea how things will work. Stupid me.

Another day. Just like the rest of them.


Heather said...

bigs (hugs) girlfriend. I'm praying for ya.

notjustanylisa said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love you no matter how bad you are feeling about yourself right now. XOXOXOXOX

wendy said...

you are so loved my dear.

i wish you could see yourself the way others do.