Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Angry Day....

I'm angry today. Not feeling so good. My kids have already told me today that they want a new mom. My son told me that he hopes I like him again soon. (great....he's only 3....look what I've done to him......)

A good friend of mine has given me a gift today. A gift of words. Words I listened to....and my heart heard, and I wept. I am so greatful for having people in my life who care enough about me to make sure I hear what I can't make sure I stop and make sure I am still listening. I've never met this friend in real life.... She is a "computer" friend. But I am so lucky to have such a great friend. Thank you my Pink friend.

This is enough for now. I'm still angry...and need to focus on my children.


1 comment:

wendy said...

oh peppi,

i haven't blog hopped for days and days and days...

and am just now catching up.

i love you. i believe FOR you. i only wish that i could do more for you.


i will not give up on the hope that i am holding for you. perhaps that sounds crazy, considering we've never really met.

continued prayers for brighter days.

and i think grateful should be spelled greatful too. :)