Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday was a fun day. I worked in the morning, as did Jeff, but we were both off in the evening. Jeff is never off on Saturday nights, so this was a treat. We ended up taking all the kids to a local park. They had a freaking blast there...and it was great to be able to see them using up some energy. The park was also having a "night at the movies"....but we weren't prepared to stay for blanket, no bug spray, no snacks. So we promised we would do it next time. In my own mind I was thinking....yeah, daddy will bring you big girls next time...while I stay home in my nice cool house in the quiet after I put the little ones to bed. lol.

My poor kids. If you didn't know me, or know how my kids are, you would think they were being physically abused. Last week Audrey ran face first into the TV stand, causing her to have a goose egg sized knot...which is now green and brown in color.


She also has mosquito bites which she picks and they bleed...all over her legs and arms. Mason has taken more than his fair share of tumbles in the past week. He has fallen off his tricycle down a few steps. He was hit in the head with a flying cell phone (thanks to Audrey), and he is just a bruised, scraped up little fellow. Julianne has scraped up knees too. Good thing I can bring home pretty bandaids from work every day. :I) Oh....and last night, Audrey poked herself in the eye with a rosebush thorn. It looks OK right now...but I am a little concerned about that one.

So, our car situation is possibly better. It seems as if we were finally approved for a loan.....but our lease was up two days ago, and no paperwork has been initiated I keep thinking a tow truck is pulling up outside to take our van away. Ugh. We shall see.

We had a good summer week this past week. It is my goal to do things with the kids when I'm off. So last week on Saturday we all went to a picnic for the Walker Scottish Rite Center, where Julianne gets speech therapy. We were trapped by a sudden thunderstorm...and it was rather scary, but made a good thing for the kids to write about in their journals. On Wednesday, Jeff took all the kids, plus one friend, to the science center. The kids had fun, but Allison said "dad made us go so fast that I couldn't read anything!". On Thursday we went to my dads retirement party at his work. It was nice. On Friday I took all the kids swimming at the city pool where my parents live. My mom went with us, as did my aunt Mary, my cousin Sarah and her two kids, River and Hunter. Allison has really turned into my little fish. She is swimming like crazy. And to my utter surprise, she got brave!!! She went down the water slide!! This was a very big moment. I am so proud of how brave she is getting lately. Facing her fears. I should learn from her.

So, tomorrow starts a new work week. My schedule has changed some, and I am now off on Thursday's and Friday's. Two days in a row! I really like that. Also, for the summer, I am off on Sundays too. Awesome!!

And I almost forgot whey I titled this post RUMMY! Yesterday, I taught my oldest daughter, Allison...who is to play rummy! I have always LOVED playing rummy, and spent most of my teenage and twentysomething years, playing rummy. She learned very quickly, and I am soooooooo excited to have a rummy partner I can play with at anytime. It also helps her with math and brain skills. :)

Ta Ta for now my dear friends.


Heather said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Poor Audrey! Her little head looks terrible! That's one heck of a lump!

It sounds like you are having a fun summer in spite of the knocks, though. WTG mom - you rock!

Susan said...

Poor Audrey's head! My kids are usually a mess of bruises and bug bites this time of year, too. Hope the car situation works itself out.

J said...

I just typed out a novel of a comment and it didnt publish! Hmmmm...

I am so glad you had a fun family night on Sat. And good for you for keeping busy with the kids on your days off. I find my 2 darlings are much better behaved when we get out of the house!

Yay that you taught dd to play rummy!!! I LOVE that game! Havent played it in years. I think I'll have to dig up a deck of cards (if I can find a full one) and play w/dh this weekend.

Did you ever play "Michigan Rummy"? Thats the game where you use chips - it's a blast!

Too bad we dont live closer - we could do a card night w/ our dh's! My parents used to do that when I was a kid and it was so much fun. All of us kids would put on our pjs and watch movies/eat popcorn and crash, and the adults would be in the other room playing cards. Fun for all!