Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today is Saturday....

Today is Saturday. This is the first Satuday I have had off in SO long! Fortunately Kelly at work was nice enough to switch with me so I could be off today. Today was the school parade and picnic! We were up early....and we've had a long, hard day of playing and fun in the sun. It was SO hot out today....and unfortunately, I wasn't diligent enough with the sunscreen and we have some red cheeks and shoulders. Ugh. I'm sorry kids....I'll do better as we get into the depth of this season of hotness.

Well, on Thursday, Julianne had her 5 year visit and get ready for Kindergarten doctor visit. It was what I would call...depressing. Her doctor was shocked at how developmentally behind she was. This is not news, and I am still mad that she, the doctor, has missed this on Julianne since forever.... She wants her to have another neurologist examine her. She is worried that she will not be able to attend regular Kindergarten. It was bad all around.....and now I'm even more worried than I was before. Julianne is getting OT for her Sensory Processing Disorder issues, I've been doing some reading up on this. This week she has been a sensory nightmare....just sensory seeking all over the place, and out of control with her picking... She has twice now picked her bleeding scabbed up knees and feet (from a fall the other day) until they are dripping with blood. It's freaking scaring the hell out of me at this point.

If anybody is interested on SPD, here is a great website I found:


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Jenn said...

Oh Peppi, I'm sorry your appt. didn't go well! It will work out! Please feel free to write or pm me and I'll give you my number to call anytime! Praying for you and your little darling...she will catch up!!

On a side note, I was just totally jamming out to "Your so vain"...I haven't heard that song in forever! :-)