Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Pet Blessing...

Yesterday it was the "Pet Blessing" at the kids honor of St. Francis of Assisi. It was a half day of school with dismissal at 12:30. But at 12:15, they had the "pet blessing" in the parking lot. This is the first year we actually had a pet to get blessed. The kids were excited. Alena was most excited that we got to do this....but unfortunately, her teacher didn't let anybody in her class go stand by her parents, and pets....and I felt very sad about that.

Well, Chili, our crazy. He honestly, is nuts, and I should have researched his breed a little bit more before getting him. I guess I skipped over the chapter that said they barked every second while outside and that they would dig holes to china, and that they loved to kill birds or anything they can catch and them bring them into your kitchen. Oh gosh.....I can't even tell you the story of the latest dead is so gross.

Anyway...........Father Mike said something like, "If everybody could be quiet for a few seconds while I say the prayer"....and then guess what? Chili goes ballistic and barks in a crazy manner....and all I could do was just smile, and think to myself, "I hate this freaking dog."

Here are some pictures from the "pet blessing". Notice how Mason and Audrey were not respecting the "cones".

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Princess_Theresa said...

haha, love the thought of you standing there and it's all quiet and the dog barks.