Friday, January 23, 2009

Emerging from the puke..

:) How is that for a title?

Well, I think we are on the upswing of this icky virus. All in all, it wasn't so bad. As far as stomach bugs go, this one was pretty mild. Over in a day. Gotta love that. Jeff, had it yesterday....

So, last night, as I was in Walgreens late at night getting the man some red Gatorade for his poor tummy, I was doing my usual (all by myself) Walgreens shopping. Oh, I do love to go up and down the aisles at Walgreens, when by myself. Unfortunately, I always buy way too many things I do not need, nor intended to buy while there. Such was the case last night, but I digress.

While going down the aisle that had the magazines and notebooks and picture frames, something occurred to me. For whatever reason, I am always attracted to the notebooks. I always want to buy notebooks. Not the big ones, like you would use for school, but the smaller ones, the middle size ones, and so on. I always think...Oh, I could put my recipes in one, or I could put my to do lists, or I could use that one for x y z....and so on and so on..... I seem to always stop and stare at the notebooks....always looking for a reason to buy one. Of course, throughout the years, I've bought several. I am more than well aware of what I usually do with them....which is not end up using them.

But...I do love to look and think about buying them. :)

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