Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guitar lessons...

When I reflect back on my memories from "The good ol' Days", there is an abundance of the "musical" memories. The great days of old from Grandma and Grandpa Rosemann's house on Sunday's, where my dad and his friends/relatives would jam with their guitars, banjos, mandolins and whatever else they had. Oh how I enjoy reflecting on that. The days of my dad playing musing in the basement, or in the backyard with his bands.... I am sure my memories of those days, are much, much different than my moms memories of those days, and also for my dad. To them, I think they are not as fond memories...but for me, they are awesome.

My girls, Allison and Alena are starting guitar lessons this week. Partly because they want to play, and partly because I want them to play. I can play some...and I think it would be cool if we could all play together, in the future....and have our own jam sessions.

Allison had her first "lesson" on Thursday. She is going to Music Folk. Alena will be getting a lesson from my brother Bryan on Sundays. I must tell you, last week, I brought over the guitar to my parents house, so Bryan could tune the guitar for us..... To my sheer delight, my dad ended up playing some music he USED to play. That music that is stored in my "Great memories" file... It made my day. Here was my dad, playing this smaller version guitar. And not just any guitar. A purple shiny Hannah Montana guitar. It was priceless. I was so wishing I had a camera.

Thanks Dad! For a more recent "Great memory". I love you.

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