Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Letter to Jesus...

Alena will be making her First Communion this Sunday.

Thanks to awesome Aunt Mary, we have a beautiful white dress, a gorgeous white veil, a super pretty necklace and perfect little bracelet. Oh, and can't forgot, aunt Mary also got the shoes.
(We love you Aunt Mary!!!)

So, besides the cake, the clean house, some tights, and, oh yeah, food, we are just about set! I still got tomorrow, right???
(someday, someday I will live ahead of the least I hope so.)

As I was looking through Alena's Friday folder in her backpack tonight, I found this folded up piece of paper. As I was opening it, Alena said, "Oh, I wrote that on our retreat."

Her class went on a retreat this past Tuesday, in preparation for this great event that is about to happen on Sunday.

So, I started to read this paper. At the top, the title is, "My Love Letter to Jesus".

Inside a bolded heart, Alena had written this:

Dear Jesus,
I really want to love like you. I know it's hard sometimes to obey you, but I'll do it for you. you are my treasure forever Jesus. I'll love you till the end even if it's hard or I sin. I will keep you in memory. I sin sometimes but I get it fixed. Jesus I love you.
Love, Alena

Yep, I cried.


Grandma said...

Are You Out There? Can You See Me!!!

Grandma said...

Alens's prayer was beautiful and we should all be mindful of Jesus' Love.

Jenn said...

Oh, that is so sweet Peppi!! I love Alena's heart!

Jennifer said...

I love her!

Susan said...

that is so sweet- God bless you, little one!