Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chores revisited...

Week 2 of the "Chore Chart" was met with less enthusiasm than last week. But, we continue in a forward momentum. :)

This week Allison picked (from the jar) the *Kitchen*, and Alena gets the *Bathroom*. In true Allison form, she was very upset that Alena got the bathroom, because SHE wanted the bathroom. Yeah right...she has NO CLUE what that entails....ugh. So, I helped Allison get the kitchen done, teaching her ALL things that I would be expecting her to do....(and trust me, it "ain't" that much). She whined and moaned the entire time. (Insert momma eye roll here.) But she got it done.

Alena did the bathroom pretty enthusiastically, surprisingly.

So, yay for this chore thing to seemingly be taking us in the right direction.

And just for kicks, here is a pic of my nice, clean, uncluttered dining room. :) I just LOVE it when my shelves there in the background, aren't full of crap. :)

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Grandma said...

Way to go Mom! Keep up the good work girls. The room looks great.