Saturday, August 1, 2009


We all do it. At one point in our early years, we learn the A-B-C's. Mason, my nearly 5 year old, pretty much knows all of the letters. Smart boy. He will be reading soon.

To my excitement, Audrey named a bunch of the alphabet letters on the fridge today. I didn't realize she knew so many. What a smart girt!

I am so happy that my little guys are growing and learning so much.

But my happiness gets a little quelched when I think that Julianne, nearly 7...can't. Try as we might, she just struggles to remember most of them. I worry that she will soon realize that these little people are passing her up. I wonder if that will make her want to try harder, or if it will make her want to give up.

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Heather said...

wow! i can't believe mason is 5! i remember him as a tiny little guy. has it really been that long?

and yay for audrey!!!

as for julianne, i know you worry about her. i have faith that she will do just fine. she may take a different path to get there, but she will! you are an awesome mommy and THAT is so important for julianne...and all of your kiddos.