Monday, March 8, 2010

Mason and Michael Jackson...

As we all know, Michael Jackson recently died. I can pretty much assure you, that my children had no idea who he was before his death, but since he has died, they have become infatuated with him. I should say, Mason has. For Christmas, Alena got MJ's #1's CD. It is played in the car all.the.time. Mason really, really enjoys his music.

On one car ride last week, he said to me:

"Mom, what is a heart attack, and why did Michael Jackson have one? .... I wish he wouldn't have died because I really would have loved to meet him."

Maybe it is bad that I secretly giggled when he told me this. I mean, really...what preschooler is sad because they wished they had met Michael Jackson? Mason is, apparently.

So, this is the part of the story that made me decide to blog about it. Yesterday, on the way to one of the kids basketball games, we were (again) listening to the MJ Cd, and in particular, my favorite song....Man in the mirror.
Halfway through the song, Mason chirps up and says...

"OH!!!!! I always thought he was saying Man in the RIVER...."

Allison and I looked at each other, then burst out laughing. Now...every time I hear that song (which I do love)...I will forever sing....Man in the RIVER......

I love my Mason man.


Grandma said...

You made my day. A Laugh A-Day is just what everyone needs. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Oh, soo cute!

Maddie loved MJ too!

We were driving one day and we were on Benjamin Dr. Maddie said "oh, mama look, we are on BEN-JAM-MEN Dr." LOL

So, everytime we are on Benjamin Dr., all I can think about is BEN-JAM-MEN. : )

Team Carter Jay said...

That just seriously made me lol! He's too cute!!