Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Tis The Season to GIVE GIVE GIVE...

My last blog entry was a very eye opening perspective look at what is happening in Haiti.

If you haven't read it yet, I urge you to...and get a glimpse of how life is in Haiti. At the end of it, I promised to give you all some info on how you could help. I've decided to go ahead a list a few of my favorite charities that I would love for all of you out there in the blogging world, to open your hearts and your wallets to help.


Please visit:

The cool thing about The Haiti Mission is that 100% of a donation, goes to the effort. NO deduction for administrative costs. EVERY PENNY. So if your brownie troop raises $20 dollars, every cent is used. That was important to me. The group has been going since 1992.


Another charity near and dear to my heart is Operation Smile.

This wonderful organization goes all over the world fixing cleft lips and palates, and saving children from a lifetime of ridicule, at no charge. It is an amazing thing! I first became familiar with this organization because of my dear sweet friend Heather, who's son Carter had a cleft lip. His story is one full of love, hope and sadness. His story can be read here:


And of course, my most favorite charity, which I readily share how much I love, is The Walker Scottish Rite Clinic.

This fantastic organization helps children, ages 2-6, who have speech and language disorders, AT NO CHARGE. Speech therapy is EXPENSIVE, but this clinic will never make you pay. Our family was personally helped by the WSR clinic, and we have vowed to forever be their biggest and most faithful supporters. I beg of you to consider donating anything, even $5 to this charity. Your help will last a lifetime.

I realize these are "trying times". I live it. Our family just gets by, just like so many other families. But I ask you to all to consider giving to one or more of the above amount is too small. If one of these charities do not excite you, I ask you to find some other charity to give to. I firmly believe that giving, even just a little, to something that will help others, shines our soul just a little, and a shiny soul makes for a happy heart.

Thank you....and Happy Holidays.

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