Friday, January 27, 2012

Car Insurance...Got it? husband was involved in a car accident yesterday.

Not a horrific one.  Not even one that totaled his car.  He was driving down Kingshighway, when somebody thinking they had super fast powers, tried to dash across Holly Hills...but then realized when my husband smashed into him, that he indeed did not have super powers.  Idiot.

My husband does not drive a new car.  Not even a newER car.  His car is 18 years old.  We can't afford two car payments, and his car why would we get another one? However, my husband has a second job as a pizza delivery driver.  The tips he makes doing that allows us to send our kids to a catholic school, which is a priority in our lives.

The crash caused him to lose the right front side the car, which involves the headlight.

You need a headlight, or else you get pulled over by the PoPo and get a ticket.  He was pulled over already last night just bringing Julianne home from school.  How is he supposed to deliver pizzas at night...with no headlight?

And now what do we do?  The guy says he has insurance...but this can not be verified.

Nothing pisses me off more than people who drive around without car insurance.  HOW DARE YOU??  Why do you think it is OK to do that?  You can't afford it?  Well boo hoo...I can't afford a lot of things either, but I don't put other peoples livelihoods at steak just so I can have them.

If you can't afford car insurance, do not drive.  Period.  I don't care about your circumstances.  It's the law.

And it is only fair.

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Team Carter Jay said...

so SO not fair! I hope you get this resolved soon :(