Monday, January 23, 2012

Moth Life.

Cousins. That is what Butterflies and moths are. Closely related, but oh so different. Both start off as these caterpillar like things. The butterfly, as a caterpillar, is pretty, fuzzy and cute. Moths, the less fortunate cousins, are not brightly colored, but are usually brown and broad, and sometimes even contain a stinger. And we all know, stingers scare people.

Butterflies fly around during the day, looking so beautiful and dreamy. Children and adults alike get a little happy feeling when a butterfly flutters by. The dumb moth cousin is nocturnal. It flies at night so nobody can see him. And if a person does see a moth, they usually are trying to swoosh it out of their house, or their children are screaming because it got inside the house. How fair is that?

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