Sunday, March 25, 2012

15 seconds of Kid Life...

I often have to be "pushed" to do things.  I usually would rather stay at home and do "home stuff" than pretty much anything else.  But...I have children.  And they require me to actually get out of the house and take them places most of the time.  Damn kids.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I managed to talk the kids into  force the children to help me clean, with the promise of "going somewhere" when we were finished.  It worked.

I decided to go to a nearby nature center, and take the kids on a hike.  We have done this in the past, and it is a nice walk and a beautiful trail.  I did however warn them that if we saw a snake, that I could be found back at the start of the trail, because I would surely high tail it out of there.  I also gave them the "tick" talk.  You know the one...the one that goes like this:

"Often times there are these little bugs called ticks that live in trees and out there "in nature".  They are tiny and they will attach themselves to you and stick their head in your skin and suck your blood."

I laugh at my sick sense of humor.  But it is true.  They do!

It became all Audrey could talk about the entire walk. "What if it sucks ALL my blood?"  "What if I accidentally scratch it's body off and it's head stays in my skin?"  "What if....what if....what if...."

Then I shake my head at my stupid sense of humor.....

The walk started off awesome.  The kids were having fun, it was beautiful out, blah blah blah.

And then, it became harder.  "It's hot!  My legs are tired!  I HATE NATURE!"

Seriously.  See what I get for "doing something".  Seriously again.  Why bother...but I kept going.  :)

I managed to capture 15 seconds without a complaint or a whine.  Ahhh, sweet success, I'd say.


Grandma said...

Ha ha! What a great story.

Grandma said...

I'm sure the kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. Ticks in nature makes the trip more memorable. Too bad one of them didn't come home with one attached. You are a much adventurous mom than I ever was

Key said...
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Key said...
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