Friday, July 20, 2012

A Child of Greatness. . .

This is my daughter Julianne:

Julianne is my own little poster child for "Learning Disabled".  At 9.5 years old, she still can't read, or do simple math.  She suffers from dyslexia with her letters.  She has a language disorder which makes it difficult for her to find the words she needs and wants to say.  She has trouble having friends her own age.  She still speaks with many sounds pronounced not quite right.  And...most troubling to me, is her "working memory" has something *quirky* going on with it. 

But that is not WHO she is.  Julianne is an AMAZING child, with quite the personality needed to change this world.  There is NOBODY, and I do mean NOBODY who knows this child who does not love her.  She is funny.  (Gets that from me...)  She works harder than anybody I know, never giving up trying to learn and catch up.  She is not ashamed of her "disorders".  And above all, she is TALENTED!!  She has an eye for art like you wouldn't believe.  She sees things in pictures that the rest of us can't.  It is quite amazing, actually.  She loves to draw, paint, make necklaces.  She has saved almost enough money to buy her first American Girl Doll.  She has a plan for the future.  She wants to be a mommy and an artist.  

And I have no doubt she will be.  

I would like to take this time to put a great big shout out to MIRIAM SCHOOL.  This school has saved my child's life, and given her the confidence she needed to figure out that she was indeed, NORMAL.  She is NOT disabled, or retarded or stupid.  She is fantastic, smart and hard working.  Miriam School believes in my daughter.  Because of the care and effort given to her, she WILL read one day.  But more importantly, she will know that she has the potential of being anything she wants to be.  

And to me, she already is perfect.  

Thank you Miriam School. .... and all the angels who help her attend there.  YOU are changing the world...because this girl is going to be something big.  Mark my words. 


Mary Bless said...

As you say we absolutely LOVE your daughter and are thrilled to have the chance to be her advocate, her safe haven and her inspiration to learn! It is so inspiring to us to see her develop into the beautiful young girl she has become.

Tamar Malling said...

What a wonderful post!
I think it's a great inspiration for all parents- to see their children's abilities and not focus on where they deviate from the norm (which is, of course, a made-up concept. No one is truly "normal"!).

I hope your daughter learns to read, but I'm sure she'll find her own way even if she doesn't.

Good luck to you both :)