Friday, August 15, 2008

Bra day....

My daughter would die if she knew I were typing this. But this is a very important day in a mothers life. Ever since I brought my first born child, my little girl Allison, home from the hospital...those fast 9 years ago, I knew this day would come. I can't stop matter how hard I should try....but nope. Time stands still for no one.

So, today....after we went and got new school shoes, we went to Walmart for the school supplies that still remained on our list of things to get. While there, we had to get new socks. The "just the right kind" of socks. They have to be the really, really thin kind, with no seam in the toe. Because, you see....Allison is a freak when it comes to socks and shoes, and as we have lived through in the past, if her shoes and socks are not JUST RIGHT on school really creates a monster. So....we have the "just right kind" of socks.

In the same department as socks....just a few feet away, hangs the tweeny bras. Yes. Oh, yes. The bras.

Allison has been asking for a "beginner bra" for sometime now. And, she is 9, and going into 4th grade...and well....things are slowly happening. :wah!!!: So....she got a three pack of "sports bras". 3/$8.88, Walmart special.

Bra day.


Melanie said...


you are a great mommy. i am feeling panicked just reading that.

Heather said...

this growing up stuff is for the birds isn't it? my girls are starting to require cami undershirts.

Susan said...

sadly, we too had to buy some bras this summer. not much going on, but definately needed under certain tops, especially white. growing up tpp fast;0(