Sunday, August 17, 2008

Look out we come....

Well, the school supplies are (mostly) bought. The new school shoes sit waiting to be worn. The new school jumpers for the girls are here....well, Alena's has to be returned for a smaller size...but they are here! Julianne got a "ready for school" haircut. She looks so cute, and even though it was just a trim, it makes her look 2 years older, which makes me put on my pouty face just a bit.

We went today, Sunday, for the Preschool and Kindergarden "open house". It was a madhouse there...and the AC had gone out, so it was HOT HOT HOT in there. Imagine, a million kids, three million parents, and no AC. was m-u-g-g-y!

Mason got to meet his new Preschool teacher, Ms. Maureen. She seems really nice. Mason was a bit sad that his teacher from last year, Mrs. Mary, who he not the teacher of his class. Mrs. Mary loves Mason, she told me so every day. "He so reminds me of my grandson"....she would always say.

Julianne got to see her class, and find her seat. We are glad to know that sitting right behind her, at another table is her new found friend, Olivia. This made her happy. Julianne practiced, and when given the opportunity, said to the teacher, "Hello Mrs. Oldani". It was great. The school and Jeff and I have all been working on getting them prepared for Juli and her special needs. So, we will see how things go. Hopefully they won't have to move her down to preschool, like the suggested they might....because if they do, then we will lose our scholorship. So....we will be working REALLY hard with her.

So....come on Wednesday, because we are ready for school. Well....except for that waking up early part.

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Stephanie said...

I hope they all have a WONDERFUL first day! We start tomorrow, it's hard to believe that it's that time already.