Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Fun Night!

That is what it is called. It is a school / parish function. After 4:30 pm mass tonight, they did a blessing of all the teachers. Then, out ot the parking lot where they have tables set up, and music and food and drink. (Hot dogs, hamburgers, soda's and water). It was very, very, very humid tonight. It was fun, but I did get to seen in action some things I didn't like.

1) My fourth grader, along with two of her friends, excluded another girlfriend. I spoke to her about it then, and we will definately be having a LONG discussion tonight on how that WILL NOT be tolerated. I want to scream, HOW DARE YOU!!!??>>!!! But I will try to find the right mommy words to express to her my dissatisfaction and sadness over that. She knows better...and will be reminded.

2) My second grader has a really hard time playing with her classmates. She feels left out and out of place. This breaks my heart.

3) I watched as Julianne was doing her usual "touchy/pulling" stuff on her friends...and they :( How am I going to get them to understand that she means no harm.....

Anyway...I got to mingle, and the kids had fun. Here are some pictures.




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Susan said...

We had our social Thursday... similar to yours. Helen had friends looking for her and she ignored them (?) and hung out with Zachary(?)I figured she was sooooo sick of him, lol....