Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just for you Loryne!!!

My good cyber friend, Loryne, has brought it to my attention, that I have been neglecting my blogging-ness. So, even though I don't really feel like doing this tonight....I am doing it for you, Loryne. ;)


Pretty soon I will be a speaker at a black tie event...a fundraiser for the Scottish Rite Center my daughter goes to for her speech/language therapy. I'm very excited, and have started working on my "speech".....but I am beginning to worry I might have a panic attack, like I did on my wedding day.

My husband and I BOTH love the show, The First 48. In our 12 years of marriage, this has never really happened before.

My daughter Julianne couldn't fall asleep tonight. So I ended up making a "tent" for her in her room. It is made with a top sheet, tucked into the top dresser drawers, and tucked into the pulled out trundle bed mattress...propped up a bit with a barbie bus, a metal stick, and some boots of my husbands. I'm a bit worried she is going to smother under there.....but I am going to go with the idea that that is just a worried mother fear.

I am sick. It is my turn, as all the kids have already had it. Cold and sinus symptoms, but I am so lucky, I got the added bonus of diarrhea. Fun times.

Tomorrow is a half day of school for the kids. Which in reality means, my nice quiet day off work will be ruined.


There you go L!!! Love ya.

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