Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Kidism.....

I think I will devote some time to listing some kid-isms. I mean, I have enough kids to hear them from. Here is one for you this fine day.

"I called it."

Last night, my husband made a cake. My bigger girls were playing with a friend down in the basement. Alena, my 7 year old, came upstairs right at the same time my husband was "mixing" the batter.

Alena: Oh my Gosh! Are you making a cake!!!??!!!

Husband: Yup.

Alena: Awesome! (and as she starts to run back downstairs....she says....) I call licking the bowl!!!

Now, we as adults all know what this means. But first, let's look at this sentence.

I call licking the bowl.

Really, it makes no sense.

But we all know that it means she made a claim to the bowl with the batter, and in doing so, she gets to lick it. We all did this as kids...for different things. For seats, for snacks, for sitting next to somebody.

When do you think we stop doing that? I mean, there comes a time where we must realize that this is just not a social norm, or an accepted slang. I mean....imagine, standing at a bus stop...and somebody shouts, "I call front seat". really..... Or, imagine being at a mall, and it's Christmas shopping season. Just what if a person says, "I Call Four Elmos!!". really......

Interesting, don't you think?

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