Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Notable Quotes....

"This shirt is inside out...I want it outside out."


"I want to be a Cop when I grow up. Well, I want to be a tree, and then a cop."


"Don't you know you are not supposed to put old pizza in someones lunch box."

Speaking of leftover pizza...... Julianne

"My leg sleeves aren't working right."

Speaking of pantlegs..... Alena

"Barbies boobs may be bigger than yours, Mom, but yours are longer."


"I want a Spiderman Bra for my birthday."


Allison: "Grandma, why do you put on Makeup?"

Grandma: "To make myself pretty."

Allison: "Next time use more."

Allison was 2 when she had that conversation.

I will add more, when I remember them....or as they happen.

I love my kids. They are my life, and I am devoted to them eternally.


Our Little Family said...

LOL...I love the one where Mason wants a spiderman bra.

Stephanie said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Love it! :)