Saturday, September 13, 2008

The need for patience....

That is what I need. I'll give you the story that is on my mind for this post....

So, Allison is on a volleyball team. This is her first year being on a team. She has only had two practices, and that's all! So, her games are on Friday's and/or Saturday's. That translates to: I will be the one to take her to all games WITH ALL THE OTHER KIDS in tow.

So, maybe I am just really stressed out, and have anxiety issues, (which I do), but I am not good at taking my kids to places where they need to sit still and be quiet...because THEY DON'T!! and it makes me furious. :(

So, we are at the game...and there are bleachers, and ALL the other moms sat together, and I sat with my kids...who very quickly required me to get up and move and try to deal with their restlessness, which only made me frustrated and mad. As has happened with so many other things..(Kindergarten graduation, Christmas programs, Special masses, weddings....) I end up not even seeing what I went to see, and am livid at my children. I hate that I am that mom...and I hate that I have not been able to teach my kids to sit still. I hate that my husband isn't off when I am off, so we can either go together and tag team, or that I could leave the kids home and go by myself.

Having a husband who works very hard for his family is great...but it certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to time....

So, I have spent today trying to get my nerves under control, and to try and get Mason and Audrey to listen to me. She plays of him, and he is a poster child for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder if I've ever seen one.

Oh, and Julianne woke up with a fever and sore throat in the middle of the night...took her to the doc today, and guess what?

Strep throat.


Poor baby.

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Our Little Family said...

I am so sorry!! I know exactly what it is like to not have any patience... They say after having kids it makes you have patience - but I am still waiting for that to happen...LOL
I want you to know that I really admire you. You do so well with all of your kids......sometimes I am just like..."Wow how does she do it?" We all get frustrated with our kids sometimes. Just know that you are a great Mommy :)
I am so sorry to hear about Julie. Strep sucks! I hope she feels better soon. Dylan misses all the cousins :)He wanted to m ake sure I told you that...LOL :)

Love ya,