Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Open House!

It was "Open House" tonight at my Kiddo's school. Jeff and I both got to go, and the kids went downstairs to the cafeteria for the 8th grade babysitters to deal with. YAY!!! Well, Allison didn't go downstairs, she had a mini "Allison melt down", and she just stayed with us. ...whatever... ;)
It was nice. I LOVE our new Principal, Mr. Danzeisen. He seems like he is going to be fabulous for our school, and I am very excited with all the new things!

They had a raffle tonight also, where you could win $2000 off your tuition for this year....Well, we didn't win. Saprise saprise saprise!!!

Anyway, the kids actually had fun, even Audrey, and I got to go see the kids rooms and talk to the teachers again. Seems like we just did this....but, oh well. :) Here are some pictures....they are not very good...because I really did them fast, as I was seemingly the only one with a camera, and started to feel silly. :) These pictures are of some of the work on the hallway walls, by MY wonderful kiddos! Enjoy!

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