Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Our Special Needs"...

In Julianne's Kindergarten class, there are, what seems to be, a zillion children in her class. She has one great teacher, Mrs. Oldani, and one great Kindergarten Aide, Mrs. Trimble. They both work very hard with Julianne to give her the special help she needs. I can't express my gratitude for them, for their willingness and patience to work extra hard with Julianne.

This past Thursday, while I was at school picking Julianne up to take her to her Speech therapy, Mrs. Trimble came out and gave me the most wonderful gift. She explained to me that she writes poems, and once while praying about the blessings in her life, it became clear to her that helping Julianne was a blessing to her. It fulfilled something she needed. ((How SWEET is that!!)) So, here is the poem she wrote for Julianne:

Our Special Needs

A moment of genius
A moment of grace
We have been working hard this year.
Some days in sync
Some days further apart.
You mastered a concept,
I hoped and prayed would be possible.
You said to me, "It is because you have been
helping me!"
A moment of genius
A moment of grace
It is then that I realized what I knew all
along, that as we spend time together,
I am truly blessed.
I thank God for seeing through his eyes, his
miracle, "YOU"!
Love, Mrs. Trimble

It is just so wonderful to me, that so often, the people who are helping Julianne, often discover that she is *special* in many, many ways!! She is an absolute blessing!


susan said...

that's beautiful!!! that teacher is a blessing to Julianne, too. xoxo

Jenn said...

How Sweet!!! Teachers like that are wonderful blessings!

Angela said...

That is awesome and I love how God chose just the RIGHT teacher for Julianne! xoxo

Lori said...

how awesome!!!

LC said...

Oh Peppi that is soooo sweet what a blessing

Susan said...

that is the sweetest thing ever- i am crying! God bless both these wonderful ladies.