Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some pictures...

While I have some time, I'll post some pictures of spring break fun. These are the pictures from Monkey Joe's. The Zoo pictures are still to come...they are on my other camera.

Audrey had the time of her life! She really, really enjoyed herself.

Not the greatest pictures, but this very tall slide, was climbed and slid down no less than 500 times per child that day. Great exercise!



Daddy keeping an eye on the kiddos!

Juli and Mason at the bottom of the big slide. This is the only picture Mason allowed me to take of him, ha ha!

Audrey "talking" to Dad while jumping on the trampoline.

Julianne giving us a "pose".

Alena having a great time.

Allison ready to go. She was hungry and tired.

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