Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring break Continued...

So for a recap: Spring break went as follows...

Friday: Alena had a doctors appointment, and later that evening Uncle Bryan and Cammie got back in town with cousins Hollye and Brant. Allison and Alena stayed the night with them that night. Fun (and loud and chaotic) times, I'm sure!!!

Saturday: I drove all the way across town and picked up Allison, Alena and Hollye. Drove back to this side of town and picked up some more kids and went even further to the GYMNASTICS place for Alena's birthday party. See previous pictures of that event. It was a great time. After that, drove all kids home, made it back to the "other"side of town. Went and got Easter shoes for the kids. (Never will learn to be AHEAD of the game, will I?) Then drove all the way back home...again.

Sunday: Was Easter. I was exhausted. See pictures below.

Monday: Aunt Mary came over and watched the kiddos. She survived.

Tuesday: Grandma came over to watch the kids, and also brought Hollye and Brant with her. She survived as well. Later that night, after I got home from work, Allison, Alena, Hollye and I went to the late night movie to see The Hannah Montana Movie. It was an awesome time. Hollye stayed the night.

Wednesday: The entire gang, minus Ty and Cammie, went to the zoo. The adults, Jeff, Bryan and myself, kept doing "head counts" to make sure we still had the EIGHT kids. It was fun. Pics to follow. We all went over to Grandmas afterwards and then to the park. Unfortunately, Hollye and Brant's grandma came to town that night to bring them home. We will miss them terribly until they come back again...hopefully this summer.

Thursday: We didn't do a whole lot. Julianne had speech therapy in the morning. Then Jeff worked out in the yard, and then later went to work delivering pizzas. I really can't remember much of Thursday, lol. I do know, however, that I completely ZONED and forgot to take Julianne to her after school tutoring thingy. Oy.

Friday: Julianne had speech therapy in the morning. Then we all loaded up and went to Monkey Joe's. It's a bouncy inflatable sort of place. The kids...HAD A BLAST!!!! They ran and jumped and slid and played for two hours straight. It was great. Pics to follow. Then Jeff went to work again that night as well.

Saturday: Me and the girls woke up early to go to school to meet up with the other girl scouts for "Spring Showers". We had to put bags on a WHOLE big area of porches. Next week, they will pick them all back up, hopefully full of goodies for the needy. Jeff worked out in the yard again. Cousin Keith, from Michigan stopped by for a quick visit as he runs through town. Jeff worked again that night as well. .....gotta pay that tuition, ya know!! Go Jeff!!!

Sunday: I plan on doing laundry and cleaning house. Oh, and I should probably look through the bookbags that have been sitting by the front door for an entire week. :) I really hope nobody had a project to do over spring break....

Thank God for awesome weather, for a great family and for a wonderful Easter and spring break. God is good. Good good good.

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Grandma said...

Tell Alena her prayer was beautiful and we should all be mindful of the Love of Jesus.