Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, we've had a nice time on Spring Break! Jeff and I both worked Monday and Tuesday, and then we both took the rest of the week off. :) Here are some pictures of our fun times! There will be more to come, as some of the pictures are on my other camera.

Sunday was Easter... was cold, but she wanted to pretend otherwise...

The goofing off girls...Alena, Hollye and Allison.


The Gang:
Mason, Brant, Julianne
Alena, Hollye, Allison
River and Hunter!!
Mason and Alena!

Baby Ty!

The "Poltergeist" tree...

Dadddy and Audrey!

Uncle Bryan, the Q-master General.
And a semi boring video...

And a video of Audrey entertaining Ty!

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