Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chore Challenge...

It's a new day at the Walewski homestead. I have finally had enough. Housework that is. Today, we have implemented "Chores". Yes, not a unique concept, yet strangely unfamiliar here. But, today, we enter with enthusiasm. Or, shall I say, *I* enter with enthusiasm!!!

Last night, Allison and Alena picked out of a container, the room they would be assigned to. Allison got the dining room, and Alena got the living room. (Poor Alena...the living room will be hard I think.) Today, they cleaned their room, top to bottom, and they have a list of what they will need to do every night before bed to their "assigned" room.

They will also now be getting an allowance. Not very much, but something.

However, and this is my favorite part, they will be charged for every single item of theirs that I have to pick up or clean up. 10 cents for each item. :) I may not end up owing them anything for week, lol!

So, it only took me nearly 10 years to get this whole "chore" thing going. But I think I am going to like it. :)


Stephie said...

OOOO!!! We have done this! We just started about 2 months ago. My kids get paid a dime for their jobs and have to buy back their crap for a dime when I pick it up. It works like a charm! You'll have to let us know how it goes! :)

Chrissy said...

Oh Steph! I love the idea of having them buy back their items.....hmmmmm....I REALLY like that idea!!!

Heather said...

ok i must implement this too! and charging them... woo-hoo i can retire!

Grandma said...

I'll try this one more time.

One Day At A Time. Things will be
much easier for you.

Susan said...

I really need to do this- and I really like the idea of making them buy their crap back! Sadly my daughter would just tell me to keep it, lol! Typically there is a trail of toys and trash following my son.