Monday, May 4, 2009

Way to Go Mom...(sarcasm)...

Try as I might, I can't seem to always "have my act together".

I was feeling so "ahead" of myself this morning. I had the lunches premade. I had the backpacks all prepared to just slide right on and go. I had signed all the things that needed to be signed. I had the "spring picture" money in the envelope. I had the girl scout banquet money and reservation tucked inside Alena's girl scout book. I had signed and filled out all the papers requesting us to volunteer at the school picnic. Mason has his homework and his three signed things all ready to go. The school clothes were all laid out. Shoes/socks/glasses/hair brush and headbands all ready. As I left my house at sunrise, I felt confident that Jeff would have an easy-peasy morning, all due to me being so prepared and ahead of myself. Afterall, I do have a clean house now, thanks to my new chore designations!

Allison and Julianne got to dress down (not wear their uniforms) today because they were both going on field trips. Jeff was able to go with Allison on her field at Forest Park. They both had a great time.

All day long I wondered how Julianne was doing on her field trip. Was she too hot? I mean, I did send her with a hoody, because it was rather chilly this morning. Was she having fun? Was she having a melt down, and nobody could help her "recover" from it? Did she eat her lunch? Did she do OK on the bus ride? Hopefully her "bus sickness" has disappeared since last year. ALL DAY LONG I wondered how she was doing.

So, around 6 pm, I call home to see how the kiddos are doing. (Mondays I work looooong hours.) It is THEN...that I find out...that Julianne in fact, did NOT go on a field trip. The field trip is actually scheduled for May 14. I am sooooooooo embarassed that my poor girl was told ALL WeEKEND that she would be going on a field trip today, and she packed a "brown bag" lunch....and...she didn't wear her uniform.... while all the rest of the class did. Because all the OTHER moms have their act together.



Susan said...

I have sent Zachary to school in his regular uniform on gym day more than once- don't beat yourself up! Think of everything you did right ;0) PS- come join me, Tammy and Lauren on facebook!

Chrissy said...

Susan...I'm on facebook! I'll have to go find you!

Grandma said...

I still think of the day I sent you to school when there was no school that day. (And on a Holy Day no less!!!!!) It happens to the best of Us!

Jennifer said...

The field trip on the wrong day is sooooooo something that would happen to me!

I remember once when I was in 2nd grade. My Mom sent me to school in my clothes for the school play. I kept telling her that the dress rehearsal was the NEXT day and she kept telling me it wasn't. I had to wear those clothes two days in a row! lol

Jennifer said...

Oh and I was a Christmas Tree! LOL