Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ya know, I think I am a fairly nice person. I am always polite to the patients and Parents at work. I know that I am not rude, or mean or anything that is not nice. Or at least I think I am not. In fact, I am ALWAYS nice and kind and sweet and funny and all good things rolled up into a sweet roll. I am. Seriously!

I don't know what was up today, but me and "other people" were not getting along today. It all started with my first stupid phone call today at work, at the ripe ol' time of 7:00 am. Yeah, welcome to today, I thought to myself. Some mother wanted to bring her two sick kids in to see the doctor. I told her that they could have the 11:20 time slot, as that was the first available time, with the doctor she wanted to see. ugh. She went flipping stupid ballistic. "Oh my God. Oh my God...Oh my God".... (Seriously???) This dumb first phone call went on for about, oh, 10 minutes of the same stupid nonsense. She kept asking me if anybody would cancel so she could come in earlier...would anybody cancel? Would somebody not show? .... over and over and over. After so long, my sweet kind self can only take so much. So, maybe I shouldn't have, but I said...."ma'am, I can't predict the future. I do not know if somebody will cancel or not show."

Well, there it was. The ding dong start to my "Seriously?" day. The mom, true to her crazy form, told me that she had been up "way too long to take my kind of sarcasm....and is your name spelled with a K or a C"? Ha!

Later, a mom carrying her sleeping toddler comes in and says, "I can't sign in, she's sleeping." Really? Seriously? Uh, have to sign. When her appointment was over and I gave her a card with her next appointment date and time...(the time on the card was 9:50 am) the *am* part was circled below the time, which I guess sort of made the "0" in the 9:50, look semi sort of like an 8. She says to me..."Um, is the appointment time for 9:50, or you often make that kind of mistake"? Oh no you didn't lady...Seriously?????

Later, a mom of a toddler was going to get a urine sample of the kiddo, while in the bathroom. I gave her all the needed supplies to get a "clean" sample. Do you know what she game me? A cup of pee with a turd floating in it. Seriously??? are you freaking Serious??? Well, we can't use that specimen. Please try again. ugh.

So, my day was spent wondering if I was just PMS'ing, or if the patients today were really that rude and stupid, or if possibly, it was ME that was rude and stupid.

But Seriously....thank God I am off work tomorrow.

too bad its staff meeting day, and I have to go with kids in tow. Seriously????


Grandma said...

I sure don't miss those kind of days! Here's to staying home with my dog!

Heather said...

oh holey crow! what a day...i'm sorry.

Jennifer said...


What a bunch of nuts! (and I don't mean you!)

Sarah said...

oh my goodness! what a day indeed!

You are really giving me something to look foward to next week ROFL