Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Deed. . .

When: Today, Monday morning, 6:38 am.

Where: Quik Trip @ Gravois and Loughborough.

Mission: Get Frozen Cappuccino and Humungo Diet Pepsi to take with me to work.

Upon walking up to the front door of the above mentioned Quik Trip, there was a sudden barrage of people all descending to the doors at the very same time. Strangely enough, this happens everywhere I go. I notice a young lady drop a $20 bill onto the ground. She almost goes inside before I stop her, and say..."You just dropped $20". She stops. People walk around her to get inside. She turns and picks up her $20 bill. She says, "Well, that would have sucked".

I was informed later today by an informant, that the phrase, "Well, that would have sucked" is loosely translated into, "Oh My Gosh! Thank you so so much for telling me that, and not just keeping it for yourself! What an awesome good deed you just did."

Mission Good Deed accomplished.

1 comment:

Heather said...

good job! cause yes that totally would have sucked for her. however it wouldn't have sucked nearly as much to say "thanks". people are strange aren't they?