Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's Go Red Wings!

Ok, I'm not really a die hard Red Wing fan. Back in the day where I had time to actually care about things, I was a die hard Blues fan. Jeff, from Hockeytown, falls in love with and marries a big Blues fan! It was a match made in heaven! We used to have a great time with trying to brainwash our children into stating they were a fan of the Blues..or the Red Wings. :)

Well, Jeff and I have been married for 13 years now. I do love hockey. The Blues have struggled to even make the playoffs, every year. I love how much Jeff loves his team, and I've grown to also have a soft spot in my heart of the Red Wings as well. In fact, unless and until the Blues do "something", I'm going to put a smile on and say "Go Wings!"

The Red Wings are ONE win away from winning yet ANOTHER Stanley Cup Championship! And if any city deserves some fun and great news such as another Stanley Cup win, it is Detroit. Unless you live under a rock (in which case, lucky you!!!) you know that Detroit has been slammed head first by the economy meltdown. Pretty much all of Jeff's family is in Detroit or other parts of Michigan, and we know all too well of the devastation and ilth of the way of the world there right now.

So here is where I give my husband BIG PROPS for wearing his Red Wings jersey last night at our church picnic. Countless people were heard randomly shouting "Red Wings SUCK!". Nice at a church event, eh? Granted, there is a long standing rivalry between the Red Wings and and the Blues, but come on. But he just smiles and grits his teeth. When we were walking home from the event, however, there was a small group of "young" people walking near us. I had to stomach listening to them talk about how they were going to go do "shots" of some sort of liquor somewhere. (if you know me, I loathe drunks....) But when they crossed over to the other side of the sidewalk, some doofus schmuck yells, "Red Wings SUCK!". Oh so original. *eye roll* Jeff kept his cool....but I yelled back for them to watch it, there were "little ears". (kids were walking with us).

So, stupid's just a jersey! It is not like Jeff, or any other person wearing a Red Wings item, is actually a player for the team. So keep your stupid mean idiotic comments to yourself.


And GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!

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