Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remember When...

I hesitate to put this video out here, because at the end of it, is fat old me.  And when I see that, I want to run out the back door and not stop running.  But....I am telling myself that I do not look like that least I hope not.

But I came across this video and it reminded me of a few nice things.
1:  I used to be happy.
2:  I used to have FUN with my kids.
3:  I used to not care too too much about being seen on camera, obviously.
4:  I used to be a better mom than I have been in months...if not years.

So, I will share this video, as proof that that I used to be a fun loving, dancing, laughing, got it together for my kids kind of mom.

Maybe one day, I will again.


BBones said...

I love it <3 ...and I'm entirely convinced that the funk IS yo brother. xoxo

Grandma said...

I will try this again. Loved It!!!!

Your kids will love watching this Video. I enjoyed it the first time and again this time.

Jennifer said...

love it!