Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Did I say that out loud?

Sometimes I honestly crack myself up. And by that, I mean I actually think something, and then laugh out loud because I am just so darn funny to myself. Ha! Something that cracks me up is the wierd things I find myself thinking about. I figured I would share one of those with you tonight. I have actually said this in my own head this past week.

* While at a gas station, making my morning, pre-work coffee....24 ounce cup filled most way up with regular coffee, a bit of creamer, and a bit of french vanilla creamer, and FIVE sweet n Lows...I get the little red tiny straw, also known as a coffee stirrer, and stir my coffee. Swish, swish, swish....take a quick taste through the hole in the straw like thing...and out it goes, into the trash. I said to myself.... "I wonder what the shelf life of a coffee stirrer is." lol. It is sad, really. They make millions of these little things, and we the consumers use it for a few swishes and toss it in the trash. Now I will always feel guilty while stirring my coffee with one of those things.

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Angela said...

You crack me up too! I swear sometimes I think we really WERE separated at birth!!! :) LOVE my coffee the same way and think the same thoughts and find myself to be quite a hoot sometimes! LOLOLOL!