Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Wife and Husband issue....

My husband and I have an issue. It wasn't always an issue....but lately, it really has consumed us. I suppose you could say the issue is ...communication. I finally summed up how I feel about it today. Basically, in my mind, He knows everything, and I know everything....and we both do everything differently. So...when we want to do something, we butt heads, and end up all mad at each other.

This is what happened today to make me realize this and see it with WIDE open eyes. We got a dog for Christmas. Chili. Chili is a Cairn Terrier....a toto dog. Well, I have never owned a terrier before...only nice, wonderful labs. What an eye opener a terrier is. Holy cow. Not only does this little brat yipe!! and I mean YIPE YIPE YIPE...not a bark...but a ear piercing shrill shriek yipe....but he digs. He digs and digs and digs. We have holes now in our yard that are no smaller than 2 feet deep. He could fit himself in these holes. It is very upsetting, and it drives me nuts...

So. Early this morning, I go outside, and see yet another NEW big hole. Something has to be done, because our fence will collapse soon if he continues this. (It is on our fence line mostly.) So, I decide that we need to refill it with dirt, then cover the whole area with gravel, rocks or something like that. Makes sense, right? Well, my better half thinks not. He thinks that would be dumb, because the rain would just go straight through the rocks, and continue the "corrosion" of the dirt. Huh? Since when did you go to landscape school????

I feel myself turn into a person I don't like, and I throw my hands up in the air and say..."Don't talk to me, because all you do is drive me f'n nuts". I said f'n...not the real word. ;) I hated that it came out of my mouth...and then felt like a crap wife. Deep sigh.

So, we go outside and start weed whacking and basically do some yardwork that was completely overdue. Our neighbor, who has the perfect backyard, who has to just hate being next door to our holey yard that is full of kids crap, was handing us yard tools left and right. How funny. He gave us these huge branch clippers to use to cut down large branches.

Large branches...ha, a HUGE thing we have differing opinions on. There is the bush/ a rather large Christmas tree sort of thing, in the corner of our back yard. It is ugly, and huge, and out of control. Forever, I have wanted to cut it down, so we will have a LOT more room in the back yard for the kids to play in. Mind you, our backyard is the size of about six parking spaces. Not very big at all. His argument is that people will be able to see into our backyard from the alley. ?? And??????? ugh. Well, today...with clippers in tow, and an attitude to boot, I went to town on that tree. Jeff WAS NOT liking it one bit, and could not stop talking about how I just ruined the tree...and that we might as well cut it down now, since I've "chopped the hell out of it." I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOO empowered. I felt awesome, at his expense I suppose.

Well, the tree looks good enough, and he even agreed so, when I was done. And I do feel better knowing that I have admitted to myself that I think I am always right.....all along I just thought it was he who thought that.

How's that for a go nowhere story?


Heather said...

this could have so been me and my husband...and i actually think we wives are the ones that are right!

Angela said...

okay....I feel liberated FOR YOU reading about you chopping the tree!!! LOL.....I think you are a great communicator!!!!! :)

J said...

You and Jeff sound like me and my dh. We're both always right and neither of us will budge. But honesly only one of us is right, and that's ME!