Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goings on.... is a newsflash! I still have not written ANYTHING in my new daytimer I bought a week ago. I suspected.

Let's see, what have we done this past week..... We were able to buy our van! Yippee!!! We also finally had our taxes completed...and discovered that our annual gross income last year was -$44,000. Yes, that is NEGATIVE $44,000. :) Funny, isn't it. So, we will be getting a little refund back, which is great.... Since finding out we would be getting a refund, these things have happened.... I fell down our front steps which caused the railing to RIP out of the concrete. Yes, I'm fine, thanks or asking...but Jeff will have to fix the steps now. $. Jeff's muffler fell off his car on his way to work the other day. $. I got new tires, rowters, brakes and an alignment....$$$ and my car still shakes funny. Our kitchen counter...our linoleum counter...yeah, I said it!! buckling due to a water leak somewhere. $. It is funny how when you have extra...something pops up where you will NOT have extra. I think God might have it set so that we always have "just enough".....never extra. Maybe?

On Sunday our immediate family went out to lunch to celebrate my Dad's retirement and also his birthday. This was awesome, because it is something we never really do. It was fun, and I just love having such a great family. Here is a pic of all of them.

Another HUGE thing that happened to us this week was that my sweet daughter Alena lost her FRONT TOP tooth!!! She was so proud of herself! She is adorable...and I do get a bit sad that she, and all my kids, are growing up before my eyes. Here is a pic of her happy self...

That's all I got for now. Thanks for reading....:)

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Sarah said...

Adorable pictures C!

And I so understand how when it rains, it pours. Yesterday was one of those days for us...ugh they are never fun :(