Friday, January 18, 2013

Going all makes sense now!

Jason Gray, one of my most favorite Christian artists was on Joy FM today.  Fortunate for me, a wonderful friend of mine texted me and told me to turn it on and listen.  The first thing I heard was him singing this song:

Now, both my friend and I are in the middle of something that is hard to escape.  So, we both, simultaneously, in separate minivans, balled our eyes out listening to this song.  

As chance would have it, amazingly, we passed each other in our vans, and got out in the middle of a parking lot and hugged each other tightly.  This was a God moment.  I love her.  I want her well.  She wants me well.  And we both question God...and fight to see the light sometimes.  She is a beautiful mother.  A beautiful wife.  And most importantly to me, a beautiful friend.  Not only beautiful to see...but her heart holds the kind of beauty that most people will never attain.  

Megan, you are beautiful. 


Jason Gray then went on to talk about something a mentor of his told him once, and it resinated with me.  He said that life really shouldn't be like a huge tall hill that you climb.  Climb, climb, climb until you reach the top and then TA DA!!!!  You've made it.  


Instead, life's journey is more like a winding path around that damn tall  hill.  On one side you have pain and misery, but keep walking.  The other side holds your chance to see why you had to face that dark, bleak, mean, miserable side.  This side is full of beauty and the ability to see God in his shining light.  Then dammit, all of a sudden, you are back on the other side of the hill.  More misery.  More sadness.  More darkness.  But with every lap, you learn more and more about how the darkness leads to the light.  And you learn to appreciate the light more and more.  Eventually, when the dark side comes around again, you know that there is light to follow.  

This spoke to me in a huge, huge way.  I have always believed this to be I know and appreciate my bad times, because they have taught me to be humble and appreciate the good times more.  But to hear it explained in this way, was amazing to me.  

That's all.  Happy Day, ya'll. 

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Jenny Sorge said...

I just decided to click on my 'next blog' and here you are! Then I read your post I saw 1st, and then I saw that you like this singer, whom I just got aquainted with (I know, I'm my singers are from the 70's! :^)

But back to your post....I think I know at least 90% of what you were saying...meaning having a depression and an outlook that is hard to get a hold of!! Then wondering what God is doing about it, or if He is doing anything. I would love to chat...


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